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How long is recovery after open heart surgery on an infant?

Pediatric open heart surgery is a very daunting and difficult process to imagine. Medical science has made rapid advancement, however, throughout the last 20 years in both the methods and the recommendations for recovery from this process. Surprisingly, infants will likely feel less residual pain during the recovery period from open heart surgery than from a closed surgery. The recovery process can vary depending on the type of surgery that the infant is required to undergo and by the individual infant’s healing process and abilities. However, typically a less invasive open heart surgery usually requires at least three to four weeks of recovery time. A more intensive surgery can take six to eight weeks or more for the infant to fully recover. It is important to keep the child calm and comfortable, as crying and other strenuous behaviors can lengthen the healing time by opening or stressing the wound area. Feeding and other care should be fairly normal, but it is important to keep the wound clean and dry, and limit the number of long baths the infant takes. This will help to reduce the overall healing time.

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